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Saturday, December 04, 2021
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From Sister's Desk


Sister Maria Inviolata is a member of the Sisters of Our Mother of Divine Grace. Assigned by Bishop Joseph Cistone, DD as the Pastoral Administrator of Ave Maria Parish, she resides with her community in Port Sanilac, at St. Mary's convent. Check back weekly for updates and current happenings at our Parish.

November 28th, First Sunday of Advent

Dear Parish Family,

advent wreathIn Advent, we are preparing for the coming of Christ. We await the coming of Christ as a little baby, but we also await the coming of Christ as the Master and Lord of the Universe, the God who will right all wrongs, who will reward the faithful, and punish evildoers. The prophet Jeremiah calls the one who comes, “The LORD our justice.” This is the event that we are focusing on. This is an event that will come truly, and nobody will know when it happens. There will be two kinds of people on that day—the sleeping and the awake. Think about the state of heart that Jesus describes in the warning: “Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy.” The two people will have two kind of reac- tions. Those who are awake will “stand erect, for [their] redemption is at hand.” They are confident, ready, eager, and glad. It will be a good and glorious day. Those who are asleep, on the other hand, will experience this event as a tribula- tion. Jesus says they will be in dismay and perplexed. They will die of fright be- fore the justice of the Good God whom they chose to ignore in their drowsiness. Just like there will be two kinds of people then, there are two kind of people now, in this church, today. Some may be sleeping. They choose to go about “carousing,” that is, caring more about fun and experience than about salvation. They may choose “drunkenness,” opting for the comforts of life that are mood- altering or soul-numbing. They may choose “the anxieties of daily life,: loving to be busy, working to keep what they possess and increase it, making sure they have the best of what the world has to offer. God is an afterthought at the end of the day, and not the absolute reason of existence as it is for the person of faith.

Some may be awake. They scour Scriptures for wisdom and to unite themselves with God. They strive for a clean conscience, avoiding sin as best as possible and frequently going to Confession. They are on the lookout for Christ at all times. They see Him in God’s little ones, our weak, small, or suffering brothers and sis- ters. They are saddened by the sin of the world, and without being its judge, they pray and pray for the conversion of sinners.

St. Paul advises us how to stay awake. “Be vigilant at all times...pray that you have the strength” to be ready to stand before the Lord of the Universe with gladness and eagerness. Right all the wrongs that you have been responsible for. Live not so much as for ourselves, but so as to please God. To walk blame- less in holiness before God is the most beautiful, peace-filled, obvious thing to do. This is being awake, and we must wake. May God strengthen us for His Coming. (

God bless you all!

Sister Maria Inviolata, SMDG